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My canvases are very large - and piece by piece I plated these canvases with layers of concrete and then shoot the precious metals such as sterling silver or 24ct gold in the concrete and onto the canvas! This results in images composed remember their surface like a planet as LIQUID SKIES. So is the exclusive jewelery collection CASHA FOR CADENZZA. The big different? Every Piece of the Collection is based on Art ! From my hand - a design artist and Reiki Master. As you see, I do not come from the fashion industry and I am not a classical goldsmith. The CEO of Cadenzza Marcus Kossendey recognized the difference in my work and the unique style of the jewels of my own brand First Class Hippie. My claim: High quality and trendy nonconformist lifestyle for women who have something to say. Some Cadenzza stores already had some pieces of my collection last season.

Marcus went a step further and gave me a sort of a Wildcart. A courageous step! In addition to big names like Versace, Jean Paul Gaulthier or Oscar de la Renta, it is definitely a major challenge! He gave me a free hand and of course, a free mind which is much more important to create and combine my art with and for an exclusive collection for CADENZZA. The kick off of this collection is September 2016. It will be presented at the same time with the exhibition of my Artwork on which the jewelry is based of. High Level Statement Pieces based on my Art. All Icons of the Collection are bades on the Canvas Artwork Cycle LIQUID SKIES concrete on canvas / 18 ct gold / sterling silver.

"I do not intellectualize jewelry, but much rather characterize the tangible value for women. The luminosity of feminine beauty is potentiated by this soft and liquid designs. The pieces are brought to life by every movement of a sensual woman".

Currently I create Stage Jewelry Icons for Jay-Z ´s Roc Nation NY City and high fashion jewelry for GELLNER.

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